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Great mp3 Converter!!

Hey, I just found this amazing mp3 converter—and it’s free. It used to be that I could only convert mp3 files in Logic and get better sound at very low bit rates. I had to try something new because Logic’s new 64-bit configuration does not allow a conversion to mp3—you have to be in… Read more »

Music Du Jour 12

Well, since I’ve sort of been cooped up  to finish a bunch of work — voluntarily, that is — I missed the sunshine. Sunshine has also been a bit scarce for everyone, so I then I figured that everybody needs is a little more sunshine these days and so why not highlight some of the… Read more »

Music Du Jour 11

Definitely the big news is the ridiculous outcome of the election in Iran. Check out “The Song Remains The Same” by Led Zeppelin. It’s sufficiently angry-sounding. The other piece of music that comes to mind today is “Downtown Train” by Tom Waits. Tom’s version is by far the most interesting, maybe since he wrote it…. Read more »

Music Du Jour 10

“The Soft Weed Factor” by Soft Machine in Honor of Hugh Hopper, composer/bassist. To me they’re a prog-rock version of Weather Report. It may be an acquired taste for some but the real music lovers out here will appreciate their creativity. You know who you are.

Music Du Jour 9

Ok, here’s another twofer! Today’s entry is all about Albany’s power struggle; it’s a good time to talk about power and relationships. “Power of One” by Daniel Lanois — a genius — and I think his album “Shine” is exceptional. The other selection is me being funny, I guess, since Golisano and Smith aren’t talking… Read more »

Music Du Jour 8

  Let’s celebrate Broadway with one of my all-time favorite shows — Jesus Christ Superstar. A word of caution — however — the ONLY satisfactory recording is by the original London cast. Sadly, it’s not on iTunes but I found it for you here but please be careful and make sure it’s the recording from… Read more »

Music du Jour 7

Ok folks, here’s a triplet for today since I haven’t done one in 3 days. It’s sort of fitting too, since evil comes in 3′s, doesn’t it? I say that because today’s triple evil song score is directed towards Wells Fargo Bank. You can check out the news on them and you’ll see what I mean…. Read more »

Music du Jour 6

“Why Can’t We Be Friends?” by WAR, sending positive vibes in honor of Obama’s Middle East trip. I like that the title of the song and the band still create some weird tension.

Music du Jour 5

“Son of Mr. Green Genes” by Frank Zappa, Hot Rats 1969: not necessarily for Kim Jong-Un — or about, for that matter — just for fun. Who doesn’t love Zappa?

Music du Jour 4

“Nowhere Again” by The Secret Machines for Air France Flight 447